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Candelori's, Smithfield
Tuesday, 9 July 2013 14:15
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While I love Italian food, it is not part of my top 3 choices usually. There are so many restaurants who just don't get it right, especially if they're large chain (ahem, Criniti's). So it's refreshing to find a restaurant in the local that is family owned who knows how to serve proper Italian.
Please note photos were taken last year on my dodge iPhone4.

Ca'dei Mandorli Moscato D'Asti $12 p/b

How ridiculously cheap is it as well compared to Brown Brothers! I think it's some imported Italian moscato. It's light and refreshing, and not as sweet as BB so doesn't get sickening. If you're into your dessert wines then you must try this! 

Garlic Prawns in Tegame - Tiger Prawns Pot Braised in Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Tomato, Garlic & Chilli; served sizzling (entree size) $21

Tegame is actually the pot thing they serve it in! The dish was came out sizzling hot as promised. I expected there to be a few more prawns in there, especially with the amount of sauce. Maybe in the main size? The sauce was very rich in flavour, and had lovely pieces of diced tomato. Garlic was evident but not overpowering. 3 slices of slightly warm toasted bread accompanied the dish for dipping. Would of preferred a bit more chilli though.

 Petto Di Pollo Portofino - Pan Braised Chicken Breast Fillet w Queensland Scallops in Shell & King Prawns; finished w Brandy, Cream and Shallots $32

Not one to be a fan of cream-based sauces, but this went really well the with chicken breast. The chicken breast was a bit dry, but the sauce aplenty covered this up well. Accompanied by some yummy scallops and king prawns.

Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes $12

My love for potatoes knows no ends. Slightly roasted infused with garlic and rosemary flavour, made a great accompaniment to our main dishes. 

Quaglie Saltimbocca - Roasted Quail wrapped w Proscuitto; pan finished w Olive Oil, Sage, Garlic, White Wine and served on a bed of Lentils

I lovveee quail. However, it is a pain to eat with all it's little bones. After a while, I just used my hands KFC style to pull apart at the bones, very lady like... While it says "pan finished in olive oil," you can see from the photo it was swimming in oil. The lentils are hard in texture and not sure if it went too well with the quail but each component was great on its own.

Gamberoni In Tegame - Western Australian King Prawns served sizzling w Roasted Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Chilli, Parsley and Virgin Olive Oil $36

I love prawns! And Oysters! And Crab! And Lobster! And all seafood, really... This dish was also amaze in flavour with a subtle hint of chilli. The big fat blobs of tomatoes were a bit difficult to eat without juices bursting onto our beautiful dresses but were amaze with the sourdough. 

The prices are a bit hefty for Smithfield/Western suburbs, but it is definitely one of the better Italian restaurants. The restaurant was fully booked on a Saturday evening, with large families and friends gathering over hearty food and bottles of red poured all around. The staff were super friendly, checking up on us and filling our table water now and then. A real family owned restaurant with a whole lot of love around. 

Food: 3.5-4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5 (can get a bit noisy)
Interior: 3/5
Revisit: 4/5

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