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Milano, Lansvale
Tuesday, 4 June 2013 14:21
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Milano's, located inside Lansvale Hotel, use to be a hip and happening restaurant a few years ago just after I finished high school and slowly become a foodie. Even for a week night you would need a booking, and on weekends the place was full with family and friends. The last time I was there for what I can only remember to be a 17th birthday, now it four years down the track so much has changed. I am, of course, referring to the restaurant. My first time there I had this lobster ravioli, in what I now know was, squid ink pasta. It was nothing like I've ever had, beautifully delicate fresh pasta with a delicious flavours. I also tried the duck pizza as well which was a interesting, but still very tasty dish. I had real high hopes. I went on a Tuesday night where they had (selected) steak, pasta and pizza specials coincidentally. 

Like many western/Italian restaurants, we were served a plate of complimentary bread and butter on arrival. Being in the south-west area I guess I don't/shouldn't expect much. Simple baguette bread sliced with Western Star butter. Bread wasn't warm, would have rather olive oil and vinegar (which is what they use to serve, and I can clearly remember cause that was my first time ever trying it that way all those years ago). We asked for table water and a drinks menu. 

 Bruschetta - Diced Truss Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic, Spanish Onion on Freshly Made Toasted Focaccia $7

Not quite use to having bruschetta on focaccia bread, but I think I actually prefer it this way compared to sour dough. The bread was warm and so much more easier to chew/digest than the tougher sour dough. Nice flavours in bruschetta, not something to do easily do wrong though. Would have preferred more tomatoes and diced when it's a small serving. I've had this experience in many restaurants, where if you order an entrée like bruschetta and you have 3 people, they give you three slices so that one won't miss out. Of course, this didn't happen here though. 
Still no table water or drinks menu. Decided to not spend my money on cheap drinks here and asked for table water again. 

 Rigatoni Arabiata w Bacon, Olives, Chilli & Napoletana Sauce $15

Our mains didn't take long to arrive after. Still no table water though. I prefer tomato based pasta dishes. Nothing special about the dish though, something I can really make at home. Pasta was cooked well and flavours were nice. Asked for pepper and chilli flakes. 

Fettucini Tuan w Capers, Chilli, Spinach in a Creamy Sauce $15 

The fettucini was pretty decent, and more enjoyable than the rigatoni. Lots of chunky pieces of tuna, sauce wasn't too creamy and sickening, and a subtle salty taste of capers. Still no table water or chilli flakes yet though.

 Rib Eye cooked Medium Rare w  choice of Mushroom Sauce, served w Beer Battered Chips $16.50

Steak was probably the best meal special on offer. The steak was decently sized portion, and cooked medium-rare all the way through. The sauce was flavoursome and loaded with button mushroom slices, and the beer batter chips were golden, crispy and crunchy - the perfect accompaniment. Would have like to see maybe a small side of steamed veggies or salad as well though. We finally got our cheese, pepper and chilli flakes (hurray).

Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Semi Freddo served w Crispy Tuile and Raspberry Couli $12

Firstly, um, where the f is my couli? Excuse my language, but after watching countless back to back eps of MKR I have come to realised the importance of the concept "missing component." Semi freddos are Italian desserts, which are basically semi-frozen mousse/custard/ice-cream. When they say Raspberry Semi Freddo, I think any reasonable person would assume it would be raspberry flavoured. Not frozen mousse with some freeze dried raspberries on top. Also, the chocolate mousse was a ridiculous pile of liquid goop, lacking any real chocolate flavour. On another note though, the texture of the semi freddo was nice and I enjoyed the crispy tuile (that was prob store bought).

My friend asked for some more table water, and the girl comes back with 1 cup of water instead of refilling everyone's glasses... I was absolutely speechless and the appalling service we received, especially since there were only 3 other tables that night. The food was definitely not enough to justify the horrible service, and it's a real pity the quality Milano has degraded to.

Food: 1.5-2/5
Service: 0/5 - Bloody horrible! Worst than Asian Cabramatta restaurants.
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Interior: 1.5/5
Revisit: 0/5

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