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Bavarian Bier Cafe, Parramatta
Monday, 24 June 2013 00:26
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There is no food I can think of by association that is more German than Pretzel, Schnitzel, or anything ending with zel really. Combine that with a good ol' German beer and you have a winning combination for a hearty dinner. Please note these photos were taken on my old iPhone4S a while ago.

 Bavarian Pretzel $3.50

To start off our drinks we ordered two servings of pretzel. The baked goods were hard on the outside with  warm, fluffy white flesh. Baked with salt crystals and served with soft butter, they made the perfect snacking companion to our biers. 

Peach and Lychee flavoured Weissbier Hell $9.50

Mango Weissbier - 300ml $7.50

You can't go to a Bier cafe and not order a Bier. Usually I would order a Lowenbrau, one of my favs from Bavarian. However, today I decided to be a bit more girly and opted for a more 'female orientated' Peach Weissbier, which had a sweet subtle flavour. IT was def more preferred than the lychee, but the mango was the pick out of the three biers. 

Special Menu - Pork Schnitzel Parmigiana w Fries and Salad (approx $30) 

Look at all that beautiful melting cheese! Pork instead of the usual chicken was a bit different, but was top stuff in terms of everything you would want in a schnitzel parmigiana - juicy meat, deep fried bread crumb crust, with tomato and cheesy goodness oozing on top. AND on a bed of golden crunchy fries. The salad, whilst probably a horrible excuse for a salad, was refreshing and perhaps much needed. 

 Lowenschnitzel - Crumbed 'Giant' Pork Schnitzel w Hand Cut Fries and Bavarian Coleslaw $30

Similar to the above except without cheesy goodness. Good serving size of meat, but pathetic excuse of 'coleslaw' - expecting like grated red cabbage etc. Not sure if this dish was worth its' value.

Bavarian Platter - Pork Belly, Sausages, Schnitzel and traditional Bavarian condiments $31

A platter not for the light hearted (or stomach). A generous serving of pork belly, pork schnitzel pieces, different types of sausages and a whole heap of condiments like mash, braised red cabbage and fried onion looking things. Best price for value worth, and a great sampler of all their signature dishes. 

 Roast Pork Belly w Sauteed Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage and Granny Smith Compote $31

A bit disappointed with the pork belly. There was a thick layer of fat between the crackling and meat (when I say thick, I mean thicker layer of fat than meat..) The crackling was also very hard and not at all melt in your mouth, it was hard to break apart or even at all. I thought the red cabbage and apple compote worked well with the pork though.

 Sticky Date and Walnut Pudding w Butterscotch Sauce $12

Two very decent sized puddings served warm with a delicious butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Not sure if pudding was baked on site or just bought from supplier, regardless it was a good way to finish off the meal.

Apple Strudel w Home Made Vanilla Anglaise $12

A warm pocket filled with apple chunks dusted with icing sugar and served with sweet creamy anglaise. The anglaise was perfect to match the tartness of the strudel. Not sure which dessert I preferred more, they were both leave-you-wanting-it-all-to-yourself-and-not-sharing-with-5-others good! 

[L to R]: Lowenbrau, Weissbier Mango, Weissbier Peach

Decent food to match drinks for an enjoyable dinner with good company. They even have a traditional accordion player guy who goes around to each table to entertain, very festive! Many 'Happy Birthdays' were sung around the restaurant, and the guy can play some pop hits as well including 'Jessie J - Price Tag' and the childhood classic 'Chicken Dance.' 
Our waiters were kind and came back now and then to check up on us, however it was quite busy and orders took longer than expected. If not for the food, will be returning for some carb pretzel goodness and good ol' bier. 

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Interior: 3/5 (I love quirky mix match furniture, themes, and Elvis :P!)
Revisit: 3/5

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